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Insurance Discount Only Classes
Defensive driving classes offer drivers up to 10% discount on libility coverage for MOST insurance companies.  This discount is good for 3 years.  If you have not taken a defensive driving course in the last 3 years, YOU ARE LOSING MONEY!

Taking a defensive driving course for an insurance discount will NOT affect your ability to take defensive driving to dismiss a traffic ticket. See our Schedule to plan your Insurance Only Class (RED on calendar).
Why Insurance Only?
Private Classes For Your Group
Insurance Only classes cost only $25 and are 6 hours in length.  They are special classes that do NOT dismiss traffic tickets.  AND you receive your certificate the same day. See our Schedule for dates and times (RED on calendar).
Private and group classes are available upon request. Please fill out this form with your name, contact info and the information about your group.  (Where, who...).  There is a 10 person minimum. Discounts are available.
Lobo Defensive Driving